Do It Yourself Snoring And Apnoea Remedies

Many designs of do-it-yourself and home-made remedies for snoring and OSA exist, including some ‘over the counter’ or ‘via the internet’ do-it-yourself versions.  These may and sometimes do work, but there is no objective way of determining this.

As a result, it is universally recognised that it is essential for oral appliances to be individually designed and custom fitted for each patient by qualified professionals in order to be optimally effective.

As an example, at The Sleep Therapy Clinics, treatment with oral appliance therapy requires (as a bare minimum) the involvement of specially trained dentists, specialist sleep physicians, and dental prosthetistic or technical staff working in professional laboratories. Advanced assessment and diagnostic procedures and equipments are used to determine the optimal shape and position for the devices, and pre- and post-treatment sleep studies are done and independently reviewed to confirm the efficacy of treatment. The custom making process takes up to 3 weeks to complete.

This degree of accuracy simply cannot be matched by someone trying to fit a 'boil and bite' do-it-yourself appliance. Serious long-term harm, particularly to the temporo mandibular joint (the jaw joint) can be done if an appliance is not correctly fitted.

More worryingly, if a pre- and post-treatment sleep study is not done, there is no way to be absolutely sure the treatment has been effective.  A reduction in apparent snoring might actually mean the sufferer has become a 'silent apnoeic', which means they still suffer from apnoea -- but now no one notices when they stop breathing.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is potentially a life threatening disease it deserves proper professional treatment, just like any other serious medical condition.

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